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On sugar mountain' by V.Kelly
On sugar mountain the ponies run free,through the mists of time to eternally be'

An equine painting portraying the freedom of the wild mustangs galloping across the prairie.

  Valerie Anne Kelly is an award winning Artist who loves painting and takes her inspiration from the beauty of nature, specialising in abstract landscapes. Her work has been sold and exhibited all over the world and she has painted many commissioned pieces and is presently creating illustrations for worldwide textile brands and book covers. While she works in all mediums, she also loves the flexibility and limitless expression afforded her in digital art creation, especially her horses. 
Valerie is a traditionally trained artist who is unafraid to use any medium at her disposal to capture her subject.  Also experimenting in the New Media - Tradigital Art' a term she describes as art that combines both traditional and computer-based techniques to produce original fine art. Whatever the medium or technique,she is a great believer in the healing energy of art and creates art from the heART ♥                                      


"Valerie and I have worked together on various online websites, which are designed to display Artists works of all mediums. Valerie's work is simply spectacular! Her artworks which are action based, such as her Native American Horses, are well thought out, designed and presented in a beautifully dramatic and eye catching way!  I am the owner of two of Valerie's paintings and I love them immensely! I would highly recommend her works of arts, for those who love not only animals (horses) but also who value nature and its inherent beauty!!"
Polly Anne Peacock. Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA.

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